The Hi-Winds Competition shall be governed by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013 – 2016, Appendix B: Windsurfing Competition Rules. 
The attention of the competitors shall be drawn to all important announcements, such as changes to Sailing Instructions, by displaying the code flag “L” ashore, accompanied by such a sound signal. This flag must be displayed for at least one hour. Oral instructions can also be given from the starting vessel. All official announcements shall be posted in writing on the Official Notice Board (ONB).


Racing: the disciplines Downwind Slalom and Long Distance are scored separately.


The racing area(s) and the courses will be as illustrated on the ONB. The course diagram, start and finish, (not to scale) will be posted on the ONB before the start.

5.1 Competitors not racing shall not sail in the competition area (including the pre-start area) while heats are being sailed.

5.2 Sailing in the competition area (including the pre-start area) when not competing (violation of rule 5.1) may result in  disqualification of his/her next race.



Unless otherwise described by the sailing instructions, the signals for starts shall be made by intervals, and shall be as follows:

4.1 Discipline starts

4.1.1 Downwind Slalom

4 minutes before start                                               heat number displayed
3 minutes before start                                               red flag up
2 minutes before start                                               red flag down
1 minutes before start                                               yellow flag up
30 seconds before start                                            yellow flag down
START (1 minutes before next heat red flag)        green flag up

 4.1.2 Long Distance

Starting procedure to be announced at the ONB.

4.2 Recalls

Any sailor shall have to accept recall circumstances, even though some may have started correctly. Following a recall and exactly one minute after the recall flag “First Substitute” has been lowered, a new  warning signal (three minutes red flag) shall be given.

4.2.1 Downwind Salom

On all other downwind races when one minute prior to start, one or more competitors’ board, rig or body is on the course side of the starting line, the race committee shall, as soon as reasonably possible, give a general recall by displaying code flag “First Substitute.” The identified competitor(s) must be hailed or listed on a board at the starting vessel and must leave the course area immediately.

 4.2.2 Long Distance

There will be no individual or general recalls. Disqualifications for the Long Distance discipline shall be announced at the ONB.


5.1  To display clearly readable sail numbers on each sail and on each side of the sail, preferably in large black letters and numbers. Racing without numbers or without readable numbers on the sail(s) will result in not being scored as finished. Changes in sail numbers should be announced to the race officials; if not, this will result in not being scored as finished.

5.2  While racing, competitors shall, for the duration of the event, wear the event jersey provided by the organization. If competitor's jersey is lost or stolen, competitor must acquire a new one at retail cost.


There will be no possibility to file protests. Any conflicts between competitors arisen during the competition should be submitted to the Race Director and will be settled by his decision.

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